Renewel and the Return of Hope

As you know, I’ve been going through some rocky hard times. Those times summarized by being really sick with a throat infection for a week+. I see that time as reaching to the Physical release of emotional baggage stage. Coughing, crying, weak, screaming and being mainly annoyed that I can’t move my body! And then I realized- I’m so grateful for my healthy body and I CAN do whatever I want to do- sometimes our brain tells us we don’t wanna do stuff- but it’s a lie, it’s our insecurities that tells us we can’t do things and then- of course you won’t want to do anything.

Yesterday, I was filled with hope. I always knew what I want to do- I want to be a successful artist, creator and an inspiration for people, and I will be. I don’t know how, but hey, I never knew how exactly! I knew the next step, not the next 100 steps. When I was younger, just 3.5 years ago- I said:”Oh yeah, I’ll be in Hollywood, why not?”, they said:”Only 1 get accepted out of millions” and I replied:”Then I’ll be that one”. That’s who I am. That’s who I’ve always been- the dreamer, the one who believes in the impossible. Since I was introduced to the world of performing arts I knew that it’s what I should do. I always believed in magical things as well- and this is my inner child- the believer in magic, in miracles.

It’s true, we all have our insecurities, our doubts, our fears, our setbacks. But we all also have our dreams, our goals, our beliefs, our feelings. I’m filled with hope that no matter what will happen- it’s for the best, the universe knows the best. I will not fear anymore, I will not resist the natural flow of things, I trust the universe and me completely now. Even though, sometimes I have an occasional stress about what will I do this year, I calm myself and tell myself that I’ll know when the time is relevant. The connection to that hope is like a wave- it comes and goes, but it always comes back to the shore and wets it everyday with the drops of hope. So now, I believe that I will be whatever I want to be. See you there, on the other side. Love you all and have a good day ❤


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